Aerial Photography Services

Aerial photography refers to the process of capturing images of objects such as landforms, infrastructure, vegetation, and human settlements from elevated positions. Photographs may be taken either by a photographer or by cameras mounted on aircrafts, balloons, poles, and parachutes.

This type of photography has grown significantly and become a very useful way of collecting important geospatial data. For instance, the construction of mega structures such as cities, roads, and railway lines depends on the data that is collected through air photography.

Aerial Photography is also used for many other purposes such as creating maps, studying weather patterns, surveillance, land use planning, and environmental assessment.

Professionals who depend on aerial photography services when executing their work include engineers, land surveyors, architects, and geospatial information systems experts. Aerial photography is the best source of data for different types of projects and specifically those that rely on spatial data from one geographical location at regular intervals.

Other categories of people who use this service are advertisers and movie producers. In both cases, aerial photography is used to create unique scenes that cannot be achieved on cameras on the land surface.

An aerial photography company will utilize an array of equipment and different planes with outstanding capabilities to perform on any project in different locations. For instance, some companies use twin engine planes that are fitted with advanced and powerful cameras to undertake aerial photography. Forward motion camera is commonly used in aerial photography to compensate for earth movement which distorts images. This camera is designed to capture sharp images and minimize blurring.

The advantages of aerial photography are that it has the capability to stop movement. Secondly, it has a greater spectral sensitivity than the normal human eye. Lastly, it offers great spatial resolution and geometric fidelity than ground methods.
There are different companies that offer aerial photography services. They also offer related services such as mapping. Some of the typical aerial photography services that are provided by aerial photography companies include the following:

Precision Aerial Scanning

Precision aerial scanning involves the use of a digital scanning equipment to capture high resolution images. This activity requires a superior and quality scanner. Scanning services is employed in engineering, architecture, and other similar fields.

Airborne GPS controlled Photography

This involves the use of cameras guided by a global positioning system to capture images. It is mostly used by surveyors because of its efficiency and accuracy in collecting data.

Inertial Measurement Unit controlled Photography

This entails the use of differential GPS in aircraft and inertial measuring units in sensors to precisely position and provides parameter orientation for sensors. This exercise is part of mapping and involves using images to compile and extract features and elevations.

Oblique photography services

Oblique photography refers to a kind of photography where the camera axis is tilted vertically at a certain angle. The function of this type of photography is purely intelligence. Because of their large scale errors they cannot be used in cartography.

The other kind of service that is being offered by aerial photography companies include is controlled vertical aerial photography and processing. All these services require special equipment and professional to undertake.