Celebrity Gossip

David Archuleta is in town for the finale of Americal Idol.The latest gossip from this celebrity is that he’s working hard with his band to prepare for some upcoming shows.Archuleta rocks and he has been staying busy on tour.

Nicky Hilton is down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico according to her Latest Celebrity Gossip tweet.Nicky’s looking forward to The Playboy Club this coming fall on NBC.She says that saying goodbye to Oprah is really tough.Right on Nicky.

Celebrity spiritual gossip guru Deepak Chopra is sending out his usual cosmic advice that the gifts of caring, attention, appreciation, and love are the most precious gifts one can give to others.Who couldn’t love such an upbeat dude.He says consciousness is the ground of existence that becomes and then regulates the flow of energy and information in the universe.Whoa, way over my head there Deepak.He also says that, Reality is manufactured and that the Nothing is Pure Consciousness.Independent co-arising is the nature of reality.The world is as we are and what we see we become.This guy is seriously from another cosmic planet.I’m gonna have to read that bit of celebrity guruness a couple times more.Gotta love the bright pink shirt he sports on his twitter feeds.Pure zen like confidence.

Celebrity gossip newsman Piers Morgan is in LA tonight.Piers has really taken off with his CNN show of late.Congrats to Piers Morgan on his latest success.

Adam Lambert tweets that he will be at the Idol finale tonight.Lambert is hands down the most flamboyant dude ever to hit the American Idol stage.He digs the song heavy metal lover on Lady Gaga’s Born this Way.Here’s to hoping Adam gets on that American Idol stage and shows those country stars how to rock the house.Adam also sends out his cosmic vibe he says that he, personally believes that rock n roll is just as much a frame of mind and attitude as it is a musical style. Rebellion.I couldn’t agree more.

Bret Michaels is speaking in the third person on his latest tweets.The reality show star and amazing celebrity rocker says he’ll be on 20/20 on May 31.Bret is truly a class act and always has positive things going on.

The Latest Celebrity Gossip is that Cheryl Cole was dropped from the X factor.That’s too bad, she and Paula Abdul would have been great for the show.The latest gossip is that she and Abdul lacked chemistry.I hope Miss Cole is not too pissed about the situation and lands her feet without any problems whatsoever.She rocks.